About me


I write words that inform your readers and inspire action. I write:

  • Articles (short and long form)– informal and technical
  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Sales copy, marketing emails, and advertorials
  • Product descriptions.

I take inspiration from the stylus, the diamond tip that draws crystalline clarity and richness of expression from a vinyl record. Stylus also refers to the writing instrument of the ancients and symbolizes a love of language that stretches back to the origins of the human species.

Clarity, conviction, insight, power and persuasiveness—these are the qualities of my writing.

Your job is creating a great product or service; my job is to tell people about it. Let me find the words you need to match the eloquence of your vision.

Twenty-five years in the field of education has made me an adept in the art of clear, informative and colourful communication. I can sell the concept of doing homework to teenagers: I can sell anything.



“This freelancer is truly gifted. He is a very beautiful writer and so thoughtful and creative in his writing. He’s a hard worker and a great communicator.”

“Your article is sensational, Bevan.”

“Very impressed with the high quality of work Bevan is able to produce across a broad range of industries”.

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