Editing and proofreading

Careful and accurate editing and proofreading can make your communication clear and powerful. Changing a single word can transform a functional sentence into an expression rich with nuance. However, this is not about finding an editor to write a Brontë novel for you. It is about establishing a relationship with an editor who will explore all the connotations of your words and ensure your writing expresses your intentions exactly.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty you want a professional who is inspired by love of sound and rhythm, well-tempered with precise grammar and syntax: you want me.

My attention to detail, my analytical mind and clarity of perception make me the perfect editor for any document that requires accuracy, authority, appropriate tone and logical structure.

I am like a detective in my pursuit of logical structure and correct style format: all the dots need to be in the right place to produce writing with conviction.

Your message is too important to let others dismiss it. Your words need to count. Accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax clarify your message and give colour and life to your words. You need to frame your message clearly and effectively: your readers do not have the time to wade through poorly conceived word-waffle.

Hemingway wrote,

“All our words from loose using have lost their edge”.

Let me cut through the waffle.

Let me temper your writing with a razor sharp edge.

I can carry out substantive editing/ rewriting, deep-line editing and proofreading.

I will:

  • Correct spelling, word order, subject verb agreement, consistent use of tense and basic paragraph structure
  • Correct punctuation and syntax
  • Ensure the use of parallel structures and active voice to give your writing a lively, easy to read character
  • Ensure appropriate tone, word choice, flow of argument
  • Explore subtleties such as rhythm
  • Format to any required style

The result: powerful writing that speaks effectively and eloquently.