I write with fire and scholarship. For me, words are sounds that fit together like the notes of a finely crafted piece of music. It is a given that grammatical accuracy and well-structured sentences are required, just as it is expected that a musician will play in tune. However, I also imbue my writing with a sense of flow, a sense of shape and style.

I have many voices, academic and scholarly, informal and informative or even irreverent.  I bring a balanced view to a subject, knowing that the tension between the opposing views leads the reader to a rounded conclusion.

I will adopt an appropriate tone according to the nature of the required article, whether a scholarly article or a less formal review/ opinion piece.

I research thoroughly, using reliable sources. I cite all my sources in the required format.

You want a professional who is inspired by love of sound and rhythm, well-tempered with precise grammar and syntax: you want me.