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no stress WordPress themes

No stress WP themes-do they exist?

Are free WordPress themes worth the angst? WordPress is an amazingly popular platform for building blogs and websites. There are 1,000’s of themes to choose from and many of them are free as well. Unfortunately, many of those freebies can cause permanent hair loss, heart complications, and general irritation of the spleen. But the question remains;…
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effective copywriting techniques

6 Ways Copywriters are like Cats

6 Ways copywriters are like cats – effective copywriting techniques cats can teach us Copywriters are like cats—it’s obvious really when you think about it. For starters, we love our cats. And likewise we’d be lost without those brilliant copywriters who use effective copywriting techniques to craft stunning ad content and headlines. Here then is…
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French learning activities

Language Learning Blog French

Language learning blog If you enjoyed this language learning blog you can read more of my French language learning blogs by clicking anywhere in the text of the blog–it will open the Fluentu blog in another tab.

Treasure chest of teaching resources French
Tongue twisters for learning French

7 Best Tongue Twisters

Numbers-French language learning games