6 Ways Copywriters are like Cats

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6 Ways copywriters are like cats

– effective copywriting techniques cats can teach us

Copywriters are like cats—it’s obvious really when you think about it. For starters, we love our cats. And likewise we’d be lost without those brilliant copywriters who use effective copywriting techniques to craft stunning ad content and headlines.

Here then is a list of 6 ways a copywriter is like a cat and why those qualities make better copywriters.


Cats and copywriters:

1. Have a killer instinct for creating headlines that pop

Cats go for the kill. When it launches an attack that cute cuddly little ball of fluff known as ‘Tibbles’ turns into an intensely committed and focused hunter. It’s the same with a good copywriter. We know your target audience persona. We create short snappy headlines that build emotional and intellectual rapport with your potential customers. And we go for the jugular.


2. Do anything to get your attention

Adorable cat seeking attention

Notice how cats do anything to get your attention. If crazy antics don’t work your darling kitty will simply sit on your newspaper precisely where you happen to be reading until you feed her. Likewise, your house-trained, highly skilled copywriter uses just the right angles from snappy copywriting in your ads and banners to CTAs that will get your customer’s attention.


3. Choke on fluff

Writing good copy is about using short, succinct phrasing full of action words. Too much fluff sparks those gut-busting, throat churning, fur ball-induced coughing fits. Cats sometimes have the same problem too.

The thing is your readers also hate fluff. Attention spans are unbelievably short. With so much visual stimulation in the ad space competing for your customers you have seconds to make an impact. If you don’t, you’ve probably lost that customer forever.


4. Observe life, the universe and everything

Cats are quite content to sit and observe life as it passes by. You know that quizzical, slightly superior expression on your cat’s face as it ponders the mysteries of why humans do Effective copywriting techniques copied from a cat pondering the universewhat they do. Your sparkling copywriter spends a lot of time observing people and thinking about human nature too.

We need to know what makes people tick, what sits behind their purchasing decisions, and how to connect with your audience. It’s that open-eyed wonder about the world that makes us such good manipulators of words.


5. Cats–CTAs

Notice the connection? Copywriters are clever like that. Calls to action are in our DNA. Choosing the right words for your Calls to action (CTAs) can increase your conversion rates dramatically. Again, it’s about tuning into your customers’ emotional/intellectual psychology.

The intellectual side helps people reason out why they need to buy your product or service over your competitor’s whereas the emotional side is about connecting to positive emotions and experiences.

CTAs– just another one of those effective copywriting techniques inspired by cats.


6. Love mice

O.K. not every copywriter likes using a mouse but the idea fits the theme and as the saying goes; if the cat fits wear it.

Well, there you have it. You’ll never look at your copywriter in the same way again. And if you want to know more about effective copywriting techniques  you can read more here.


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