Hubspot certificates

What are the HubSpot certificates about?

The HubSpot¬† certificates demonstrate my knowledge of the In-bound marketing methodology. Inbound marketing is about being responsive to your customers. It’s all about how I can craft content that will attract visitors to your website and then engage, inform, and delight your target audience all the way through their buyer journey.

The result: increased conversions, sales, and continued engagement of your audience. When your customers get this kind of value they’ll stay engaged and become your best advertisers.

Are the results data driven?

HubSpot marketing isn’t just about making assumptions though. The HubSpot Inbound methodology uses data to become truly agile and responsive to what is really happening with your website pages, landing pages, email campaigns and CTAs.

The certificates indicate an end date for the certification because content marketing today is rapidly evolving. I believe in keeping up to date with the latest trends in marketing and web copywriting. It shows my commitment to providing you with the best, most effective web content and copy for your needs.

Hubspot Certificates: In-bound

Hubspot Certificate Content marketing

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